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dreaming from song to song
alto girl on fire
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23rd-Mar-2008 08:32 am - XOXO
:: High School Musical 2
:: Hairspray
:: Gossip Girl, episodes 1-5 (Damn that defective DVD! I want to finish the entire 1st season!)
:: Stranger Than Fiction
:: Grey's Anatomy Season 2

I watched all these in 2 days. LOOOVE vacation. NEEEED more (please).

Happy Easter, friends! =)

M. (hehe)
21st-Mar-2008 10:16 am - 26 on the 25th
wish we were here
This particular birthday, I really feel I'm really getting older.

... a far cry from my feeling last year =P
5th-Oct-2007 05:50 pm - How does your desktop look like?
wish we were here
I'm sharing mine here.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Does this show how organized I am? Hehe. Buti nalang hindi photo ng DESK!

Happy weekend, friends!

The photo used for my desktop background was taken by Pao in Bora, March 2007 =)
20th-Sep-2007 07:56 pm - Showbiz post
smelly cat
Ever since I saw her latest VMA performance in YouTube, I couldn't get over what happened to Britney Spears. Especially after seeing her Oops I Did It Again and I'm A Slave 4 U VMA performances again. Her state now is sad and disappointing. I really can't get over it =( and it feels weird to be that disturbed. Maybe it's because we're the same age, and it's scary how "old and wasted" she has become. Maybe because I was a fan of her dancing, I couldn't believe it could be gone in just 6 years. Hay.

On local showbiz news... I just saw the latest issue of Yes!, and read that 6+ page article about Pops and Martin. Grabe pala yung experience ni Pops! Can't believe Martin is that much of a jerk. He cheated on her while they were married, and acted like a nice guy in public for the longest time! Bwiset.

Sad, sad, sad. Maka-gym na nga. Hehe.
28th-Aug-2007 08:27 pm - So what's new?
wish we were here
After the 2 consecutive extra long weekends have passed, I took a deep breath, then started to dive back to work this morning. I was dizzy by lunch time, craving for my second cup of coffee by mid-afternoon (Thanks, personalshrink), then remembered to breathe again by 6. It's not as toxic as last month YET, mainly because I don't want it to be (denial, denial), but it will get there =P

They say when you are caught in a stare, your mind needs a break. That's what Veronica Mars said. I've blankly stared several times during lunch, and I was (and my boyfriend was) addicted to Veronica Mars this weekend. Oh yes, we had a marathon with Veronica Mars. Our threesome ended with the first season last night. We have seasons 2 and 3, but we've sort-of had our fill of her already for now. Bukas ulit... Hehe.

I want to go out-of-town soon. Wala lang.

P.S. Visit Real Living Space will you? It's sort-of my new baby. Let me know what you think =)
6th-Aug-2007 05:32 pm - fire dragon day
wish we were here
For the past couple of months, I've been addicted to PerezHilton. S/he can be pretty mean, but the posts are just sooooo hilarious.

Can't believe s/he posted about us! We're getting famous (but I don't know if I should be proud. Hehe.).


On a sweeter note: Happy birthday Pao =) I can't believe it's been a year already. Can't wait for the next years to come =)
25th-Jul-2007 07:52 pm - My favorite magazine, part 2

"Eye vitamin"

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
25th-Jul-2007 07:48 pm - My favorite magazine, part 1

"The best in the Yummy-verse!"

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
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