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29th-May-2007 06:40 pm - Food streaks
smelly cat
1. In my teen years, it was a pack or two of instant noodles (in beef or chicken, depending on my salt craving), and a piece, or 2 pieces of toast on the side, right after school.
2. During college, it was a toss between McDonald’s hot fudge sundae or Mrs. Fields' chocolate chip muffin everyday for lunch dessert.
3. A few years ago it was KFC’s Zinger every lunch time for around 2 weeks straight. I also had a week or two of McDonald’s Cheeseburger meals, with regular fries and iced tea, please.
4. For less than a month 2 summers ago, I took the healthier route and had Planet Pita in tuna, chunky chicken or ham and cheese until the day before I hit the beach.
5. Recently, it’s Kenny Rogers cheap+sulit brewed coffee after lunch, Goolai’s packed salads for dinner, and Kopi Roti’s Kopi Bun plus homemade iced tea hours afterwards, at least once a week.
16th-May-2007 07:15 pm - Because I work in Publishing =)
wish we were here
Top 5 stories
~ Addicted to Heroes
~ Having regular dates with the cross trainer and the Ultra track oval
~ Still yummy and still available
~ In need of a good massage / In search of the perfect casual+chic+classic dress and a good pair of smart+casual+comfy flats
~ We’ve turned 1 ♥
30th-Mar-2007 06:43 pm - Yummy for your tummy.
i saw the sign
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

It gets even yummier. Here, have a sampler.
I’m so proud HE-WHO-MUST-BE-NAMED liked it too!
24th-Mar-2007 05:26 pm - 25/25
I'm getting older in a few hours.
25 at 25 sounds promising.
I hope this turns out to be a good year. =)
6th-Mar-2007 06:24 pm - i plug.
smelly cat
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

I don't usually post about work, but I'll have to make an exception in this case, because this is my baby. =)

Grab a copy of Yummy Magazine simply because it's gorgeous. I guarantee you'll be quite full (of yummy food ideas) and hungry (literally!) after you've had your fill of the articles. Get a free sample here if you don't believe me.

(I'm so happy it's finally out!!! =))
28th-Jan-2007 05:24 pm - A crazy entry on gym and love (yuck)
It's funny. I'm funny. See, I've already decided to transfer to Gold's Gym last December. I terminated my P1,500++ per month Fitness First membership of 3 years, for a net P1,000 per month (salary-deductible!), 10-seconds-away gym, certain that the convenience of it would encourage me to workout (more than my usual, erm, once a month visit).

Boy, was I wrong.

Sure, I liked the fact that Gold's was so near I could actually workout whenever I felt like taking a break from my work (Naks, but that has never actually happened.), and the fact that each shower had its own individual changing area. BUT-- I loved the other gym more.

Somehow, I knew I could not give up those mini movie rooms and individual earpieces that distract and entertain me enough to cross-train for at least 30 minutes; the reliable steam room that strips me off my thoughts (NOT my clothes, unlike some people =P) and rejuvenates me; and, the sweet anonymity and sense-of-snob (if there's such a term) that I can conveniently assume towards strangers (I literally bolted out of the Gold's sauna when I saw our Sales Manager enter. Yikes di ba??).

And so, I called Fitness who was more than happy to take me back (I'm sorry I took you for granted, love.). I realized I didn't really mind much the 5-10 minute walk to Fitness Emerald, just so I could be where I'd rather be (Hehe, drama). It's a good thing Gold's is transferable (Thank you, Alvin!), otherwise, I might actually consider being in both, for the meantime. Hmmm.

Ok, please don't be fooled. I am not THAT passionate with working out. I wish =P (Eep, makapag-gym nga bukas. Hehe.)

Isa pang hirit: Para ba itong love? Kailangan maranasan mo muna ang iba, bago mo ma-realize na doon ka dapat sa nauna? Hahaha! I think I'm working too much, I'm getting crazy. =)
12th-Jan-2007 01:41 am - As far as I can remember...
This is the latest I've stayed to work at work.
1st-Jan-2007 11:31 pm - Go victorious red fire dragon!
:: We spent Christmas day in Bag of Beans at Tagaytay. <3

:: Just a few days after Christmas, my sister announced that she’s starting her training in Camp Crame right away (and shall be missing our traditional family get-together for the New Year). Friends, my Taekwondo-black belter, Dragon boat-rower, Triathlete, Mountaineer younger sister will be training to be the next Pinoy G.I. Jane (She had her hair chopped like a boy’s—thank God, not shaved— just the other day.). With her adventurous lifestyle, I could never really imagine her behind a desk and working a regular 9am to 6pm shift, so I guess her current job-to-be suits her. I’m amused, scared and proud, thinking of the kind of person she will be.

:: My cheap thrill last night was watching fireworks by my bedroom window, while listening to the soundtrack of Happy Feet. I recalled that I did the same thing last year, except that I was a bit more sentimental and regretful, listening to Les Miserables. I never realized until last night that the songs that accompany me as I welcome the new year, more or less sum up how my past year went. =)Collapse )

Before the day ends… Happy 2007 to all you dreamers!
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